Hi everyone, so I've been taking to someone. It only been 3

Hi everyone, so I've been taking to someone. It only been 3 weeks. I noticed he was getting very attached. He started calling me babe and telling his mom about me. Saturday night we went out, we kissed for the frist time. He wanted more, I told him from the beginning, "I want to take things slow." He really wanted to go further, so I just came out and told him. I have herpes! He thanked me for tell him, and he did kiss me after that. He was very sweet and held me in his arms until I had to leave. We are still talking and he still wants to see me. This hole situation is just very scary. I thought for sure he wouldn't want to see me again. He agreed to us taking things slow and getting to know each other.

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That's fantastic :D

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That's great!!

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Thank you! But I'm still very scared

I sent him info about it. I'm so scared of the rejection. I feel he will change his mind after reading up on it.

I know how you feel. If its meant to be things will work out I know u will here that a lot but it is true. At least you had the courage I'm afraid to tell anyone I'm so heart broken about it

Good on you for telling him and also for sending him information because at least that way you can control what he reads instead of him reading something that's completely wrong and freaking him out. If he is ok with it I think it's important to really make sure that he understands what it will mean to him if he does get it going forward because some guys are ok with it then they catch it then they regret it and you don't want to feel resentment

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@lisajd resentment is what I’m afraid of the most. I just wish I was normal again so I didn’t have to be so scared. It’s scary enough not having herpes.

You are normal. You just have to let go of your fears. If he takes the risk knowing the risk enjoy it

@lisajd looks like he is backing up already

That's good for you, im so afraid to tell anyone for fear of them telling someone else. Is there a way you can tell someone and have them sign a legal document that they don't tell anyone else? Hahah. It's a silly question but I'm serious.

@Fmlboo i think if you get to know someone you can decide if you want to trust them. If they tell someone you say yep.so what its very common, deny it and say hes lying cause you rejected him

I am so happy for you. Just take things slow like you said. If it's meant you will know

He told me on Saturday night that he just wants to be friends he cannot pursue a relationship with someone who has this.

I'm sorry to hear that but please don't be too disheartened

I'm okay now but Saturday and Sunday was really tough for me. Thank you ....
Think positive! At least he was extremely sweet about the whole situation.

I think it's just figuring out how to cope and getting strong. I'm sorry he's reacting this way :(

Im feeling those thoughts of being alone after recently breaking up with someone. But i do stop myself from thinking negatively cause its dating in general that is hard