Hi everyone. Thanks for your help. I checked aspen dental a

Hi everyone. Thanks for your help. I checked aspen dental and they no longer take medicaid. I have a question. I don't want to live alone anymore. My agoraphobia is so bad and im scared to death. I live in northeast ohio. I just got section 8 on the 8 th. Does anyone know where i can go to live. Im so miserable and afraid. Please help. I have no family or real friends. No one seems to care wither i live or die. What can i do. Where can i go

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Im 58 and i keep falling between the cracks of the system and i live in a small county that doesn't have alot of services. I really can't handle this isolation anymore. I have no quality of life. I hate weekends because there is nothing open and the very little help i have is closed. Please anyone have a suggestions. Im at the end of my rope.

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If you suffer from ant mental illness Easter seals helps those find group homes to live in. Your rent is usually based on income. You can check it out. If you are diagnosed with any other mental illness you can Google NAMI (national association of mental illness) -they also may be able to help you find group housing in your area! -Best of luck!

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Thank you. What is a group home? Do you have your own apartment

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@losinghope58 -a group home may mean many( +10) people and possibly moderator who is there to help everyone . Or goup 3-4.people I have a friend who suffers from bpd -who found a semi group home. She has three house mates. They each ave their own room , but share kitchen, den, and bathrooms. She is deathly afraid of being isolated so this type of housing is perfect for that! -

I was thinking something. Like an assisted living where i have my own apartment but have someone to check on me and help with shopping and etc. I don't know if living in a room with other women would help me. Agoraphobics tend to symptom swap. So that would be bad.

@losinghope58 -no usually you have your own single room. But share the rest kitchen, bathroom , den. If you can afford assisted living, I th I k that would be perfect! -then you can certainly have a bedroom, living room n kitchenette, but also you can go to the common area’s!

That's what i want. But how do i find out.

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@losinghope58 -I’m certain if you google assisted living in your county some will come up.

Thamk you but I'm in ohio