Hi Everyone, today is my birthday and I’m going to be find

Hi Everyone, today is my birthday and I’m going to be finding out today if I have tested positive or not. As much as I’m hoping it’s something else, I have all of the symptoms so what else could it really be? I’ve felt so depressed and devastated these past few days and have been crying non stop. I hate myself so much for not being more careful and thinking I was invincible. This is all so new to me and I don’t really know where to go from here. I’m happy to at least have a very supportive partner. If I test positive, then he will get tested as well. That may or may give answers to where it came from but to be honest that really isn’t important in our eyes. I often like to say not to stress about things that have happened in the past because you can’t change anything, it’s just hard for me in the moment when all I want to do is blame myself. I just feel so lost.

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what you are feeling is normal at this time and by you reaching out here is a good omen. welcome aboard! keep in touch as we are here for you.

@REv Happy Birthday and welcome to the group. Please read the handbook at the top, and the recent posts and you will see what you are feeling is normal. I find it helps to think of HSV as a bad case of acne that can be shared but is also easily treated. You should know a lot of people have some form of HSV. Estimates vary from one to two thirds of all people. There are also 8 main types of HSV, including chicken pox and shingles. You have a supportive partner which is a big help and testing may be able to show he had it for a while and you got it recently or he does not have it. Possibly even that you do not have it, but you did not mention specific symptoms so I can only guess. What ever you find out please keep us updated and ask any questions you have. Good luck.

I tested negative and to be honest I was shocked, symptom wise it made sense to me that that’s what it would be. I did read the handbook this morning and I’m glad to have learned a lot from it. I have a drs appointment Friday to see what’s really going on. I’ve been dealing with genital sores for a week now and I’m hoping it’s nothing too serious. I’m glad to have found this site and feel incredibly more understanding about HSV and can be more supportive to friends that have it.

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thanks so much REv! remember proper timing of testing is paramount for an accurate result!

keep us posted as to what you find!