Hi, first time posting... I'm an OEF female veteran and I'm

Hi, first time posting... I'm an OEF female veteran and I'm hoping to find ANYONE who may have been stationed in Afghanistan that was thrown into premature ovarian failure.
I am now 43 but went through and completed menopause by 36. All issues started in deployment to Bagram, at the age of 27.
Help if you have any similar situation. Thanks

Was it due to stress? How are you feeling now?

I wish I knew what caused it. It all started when I was deployed to Afghanistan. I was 27 at the time and start getting my menstrual cycle every two weeks for the 8 months we were there. Had a difficult time getting pregnant when I got home and baby was born with some cranial issues. Went through menopause by 35 and now suffering all the issues that go along with it. I am 43 with the internal body of a 60 year old woman. I’m trying to connect the dots and see if there is any relation to my medical issues. Endocrinologist assured me that there is “no medical literature” on the effects of the conditions we endured. All I got from the appointment was that its an autoimmune disorder and there is no medical literature!
Looking for anyone with a similar situation…