Hi folks, here I am again, lately I realised that this is th

Hi folks, here I am again, lately I realised that this is the place where I come because it is the only place where I can be understood: I think that with my face clear I see myself as an average looking guy, maybe more: blonde hair, fit, attractive face features maybe, but I have one issue my skin, which is incredibly pale for an italian guy, so even if I don’t have many pimples on my face they are incredibly visible as my skin is so pale. You might say “then dude, go sunbathing”, but as you imagine it is not that easy. I am not looking for suggestions I just want to express myself as My face was clearer than the sky in the past week and for those bloody crispies I ate now my face is covered in pimples. **** it.

Just claim yourself irish lots of women like that practice the accent :)

@Gd85 lol well lots of people mistake me as english and I actually have a british accent. Anyway nice comment man

More luck claiming irish ;) haha

@Gd85 Yeah man I think I’ll stick with english just because I prefer the british culture that’s it. Also how am I supposed to pick up girls in Italy by pretending to be British? Not because I can’t do it but just because trust me italian people can’t speak english, the only word they know is “yes”, it would be a disaster, for them at least