Hi folks. New here and newly diagnosed about 6 months

Hi folks. New here and newly diagnosed about 6 months ago. I have a question. Do any of you ladies have problems with yeast infections along with your out breaks? It seems when I get an outbreak I also get a slight yeast infection as well. Any thoughts?

Another question, I seem to get an outbreak about every 2 to 3 weeks. I eat right and exercise just wondering what I could be doing that may be triggering them. They aren’t nearly as bad as my first outbreak and only last a short time after I start the meds at the onset. I’m very frustrated. And feel very alone in this. Though my husband is very supportive he doesn’t understand how very emotional this whole thing is. I must be doing something wrong to keep getting these so frequently.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks for listening

Hi Im not I Lady but I have read a lot of postings here from grls, and it seems común to have a yeast infection along with obs for some of u.

Like twany just said, it seems that as the years will pass the obs are most likely to decrease, so the first years are the worse, just like the first ob it is too.

Just be patient, dont get streesss and For what foods could be causing ther for u, since its very different on each and evety one of us. , try and error tactic. In my case i Sad worried not been ablevto have a couple of drinks, so the first time i only had 3 , then 5 , last time i had .10 and nothing. I have been trying everything , Now even coiffeeeee. Good luck