Hi Group. I am a Behavior Therapist with 25 years working w

Hi Group. I am a Behavior Therapist with 25 years working with people with autism. I first came to SG when I was diagnosed with PTSD ( 5 years ago). I am now slowly returning to work by picking up some private contract here and there. I thought I'd check out the Autism group here and see if I can offer any suggestions. I don't pretend to know everything but I might be able to offer some helpful ideas.

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thank you for offering to help the group. for those of you who don't know round3, she is the moderator for the PTSD group

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@Round3 This is so wonderful! I have a 7yr.old Niece with Autism. I was wondering if the Keto diet is better for her than eating fruit and veggies? Maybe even just meat? I read this somewhere?

I've read about that too but have concerns about the Keto diet. This is from a personal perspective only, not a professionally informed one. Are you able to access a dietician to assist you with this decision?

I used to work with twin girls, age 4. They had a major reaction to non natural sugar. Their behavior resembled that of someone addicted. I also think some children simply process sugar differently. I would suggest try weaning out non-natural sugar and see how she reacts.

Be sure to try one thing at a time and give it time to work. If you try too many things at once, you won't really know what worked.

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@Round3 My sister is in charge and feeds her pretty well. I was just curious.
I personally don’t like the keto diet either. Thank God I don’t have any food allergies … That i know of… Gets so complicated.