Hi group! Well I’m going to share with y’all my journey

Hi group! Well I’m going to share with y’all my journey real quick and I want to throw out some ideas after that. So I’m 75 days in today of this detox that I am doing. Craving cheese and wheat really bad.
Experiencing vertigo which is something I got 10 years ago and based on what I know is just a temporary detox symptom that will go away.
So I’m riding that out.
I intend to complete the 90 days of this phase that I’m doing. Then I want to start something different. So I’m thinking about something I wanted to do but could never do for long before because of these detox symptoms. And that is going completely raw and to juicing and smoothies only.
And eventually just juicing for 28 days.
But for the next 90 days smoothies are juicing.

And I think it will be fun to do a fruit only for 5 days at some point just for fun and to show you guys how safe and good fruit really is! Will be good to even do fruit only for breakfast and lunch and then a smoothie for dinner that is half greens/half fruit , with 1-3 tbspoons of flaxseed.
And this can be 5 days.
And any version that you want to do just to join in.

I can tell you that as someone who is eating eggs, dairy, we, meat all her life basically, the fact that I’m not now is crazy to me. But I was desperate. And I know that I’m doing the right thing. Even though I’m literally doing this alone. My younger sister is the only person that I talk to you in my family at this moment. And she sure isn’t interested. But she is interested in how awesome I’m doing. Even though she doesn’t wanna do it herself. And then any friends that I talk to other than the ones in this particular group, not interested.
And I understand that. I don’t expect anyone to be this extreme or interested. You have to be desperate. And I am.
My symptoms were triggered March 10, 2019 when my mom passed away. I was having a few before that. But it got really bad after.
And I’m just trying to heal. So whatever it takes. And the exercise part is the bonus. Because it’s way too easy to eat too many calories. And then yes, exercise is important. And I am intending to do it. I wanted to be more active today but I have this vertigo.
So while I intend to be more extreme with the weight loss, it hasn’t been about weight loss for the last 75 days. It’s about detoxing this food that I can’t have because it feeds the bugs that cause all the symptoms. But now I’m getting closer to the 90 day mark and I am going to turn up the heat for the weight loss part. That is a side effect to healthy living. Feeling good means moving more.
Good habits!
So that is it for now. I’m really glad that we can get back together here and start motivating each other. Share what you’re thinking and I’ll talk to y’all later.

Being healthy is such a journey, I am day 14 of 30 on Whole 30.  My stomach is very sensitive and I just felt I needed a reset and this helps immensely.  But boy do I miss sweets.  I have done this several times and the sugar cravings never truly go away for me.  

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@CKBlossom do you get fruit on that?
A fruit bowl of whole organic apple banana and berries!
Can you have oranges?