Hi guys, I am really struggling from past 3-4 years with my

Hi guys,
I am really struggling from past 3-4 years with my erectile dysfunction problem. Its due to venous leakage as my penis cannot hold back blood long to maintain erection. I used meds like vaigra and all but it work half of the time. My gf left me as i couldnot tell her my problem she thought i lost intrest as i was able to perform sex only sometimes. I cannot be in relation with just meds its hard because i cannot tell my patner i have ED and let me take meds before we get romantic.

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I have the same issue: venous leakage. I feel like I've tried everything, and nothing works or doesn't work for very long. Real sorry your girlfriend left you.

Please seek medical help and don’t give up!

To me, the real problem your having is not the ED, but the lack of trust in your girlfriend. If you can't be honest and up front with a so to speak, Significant other. What good is the relationship? I don't have Ed, but my thoughts on that are, as a man, you can still satisfy a woman (Quite well) without getting an erection. The best sex is actually the best forplay.
Sex is a great thing. But if your body is in fairly good shape. You can still satisfy a woman in many ways.
Don't give up on romance. And don't give up on trying new things for your ED. Whether it's medication or natural herbs. I hope things get better for you...

Im sorry for your situation. Im sure that it was difficult for you to reveal the cause of your ED to your gitlfriend, however there s a chance that telling the truth would have done less damage, not only to your relationship,but also to her selfesteem. As a woman in this situation, I somedays hope to understand what caused it in my partner, because not knowing the reason is a torture worst than the lack of sex itself. I often hope that there s an organic reason for his ED, because finding out that he doesn t find me attractive anymore or that there are unresolved conflicts would probably kill me.