Hi guys, I really need help now. I lost the password for the

Hi guys, I really need help now. I lost the password for the old account. I can barely type, I'm having a panic attack. I took my anxiety medication but it didn't help. I feel like I'm having a long panic attack this whole day. I'm hyperventilating and shaking, my muscles are twitching. I feel so alone and scared. It's not HOCD related, I just need someone who understands.

Hey, is everything OK now? You can message me if you want.

I'm having strong panic attacks and I have to rely on medication for the time just so I can function normally. I did something stupid and the guilt is unbearable. Do any of you have guilt related issues? Because no matter what I do, I feel guilty. That I could have done things better or differently.

@qwerty1111 Yeah, I too get unbearable guilt sometimes, and guilt isn’t a friend of OCD so of course it’ll feel worse. If you support me, you can message me if you want to talk about what’s happened. If it’s ok with you of course?

hey i hope youre okay *hugs i cold turkeyed my medication cause i have no insurance and it was pretty bad the first few days. hope you feel better

If I don't take something to calm myself down, my anxiety takes over and I simply can't function. I haven't been this bad in two years. I just hope no one here ever feels this way. I wouldn't wish it to no one.

It can be disabling. I couldn't leave the house a lot of the times

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