Hi guys. Im 6 months pregnant and i recently found out that

Hi guys. Im 6 months pregnant and i recently found out that im HIV Positive. Will my baby be born sick too? I am so scared. Any other positive mothers that gave health to negative babies? What should i do?, :((((((((

https://www.womenshealth.gov/hiv-aids/living-with-hiv-aids/pregnancy-and..., hugs and welcome!

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@CKarma thank u!!!

Your baby will be born Hiv positive... Wait!! Before you totally freak Out, Your baby will be born positive due to your Antibodies.. Babies are born with its birth mothers immune system before it develops its own. During your pregnancy you'll be placed on meds that are not harmful to your pregnancy..you will probably be high risk pregnancy..this means your doctor will monitor your what you eat,.. How the meds are working during your pregnancy and will discuss whether they will do natural delivery or C section..and when you give birth your baby will be placed on AZT an Hiv liquid medication taking by mouth. Your baby will have bloodwork done a few times over a course of months but this is only to make sure your baby has fought off the virus when it develops its own Antibodies..Ive went thru this twice with both kids and they are both neg. With my Daughter i didnt know my status until after i gave birth so she was lucky..going my full pregnancy without treatment was very high risk but thank god she was fine. With my son, i already knew my status so it was more thorough.. But he was fine as well... Good luck and hope this helps you better understand what to expect..

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@Journey79 Thank you so much for this info you don’t know how much it means to me. I am on google every single day ever since i found out… Looking for as much info as i can. Thanks a mill. #Hugzandkisses. I am looking after myself very very well not skiping one dose cos all that’s on my mind is my baby boy. And im still finding it so hard to deal with, counselling helps but i guess i still got a long way to go. Its only been 1 month now since my diagnosis

I am a positive mother diagnosed when I was pregnant with my daughter she is 10 years old and she is hiv negative. Yes your baby will be healthy.

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@Faith226 Thank you so much Faith. Ur comment means alot as im newly diagnosed

@Faith226 i needed u guys in my life a long time ago, or should i say a month ago lol cos the only person that knows is my partner, he is very supportive but i think u know men...... We can't always expect the best advice from them lol

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@NellyNelz007 so true girl lol we have your back

How did u cope with being HIV

@NellyNelz007 honestly I was scared and depressed when I was diagnosed but with the help of counseling and taking my meds I felt better. I tried my best not to think about it and have a positive attitude. My kids get me going.

That sounds wonderful. I've also had counsellin and it does help alot. I thank God that im such a strong person, but its very difficult being pregnant. All i think of is my boy being sick because of me. He already weights over 1 kg, doc said his head is big and his tummy so now im already thinking his sick :(

@NellyNelz007 yes I understand how you are feeling I was pregnant when I was diagnosed and all I could think of was my baby and God take me through I’m sure He is going to do the same for you.

Thank you. #UrGodSent

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@NellyNelz007 you are welcome

@Nellynelz007 the baby will be fine. We are here for you girl. Basically will be your sounding board if you want to talk.

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@Bev77SouthAfrica Thank you so much Bev. That was/is my biggest worry… Our baby boy. Im also from SA nice meeting you :slight_smile:

@Faith226 where are you from? @NellyNelz007 oh wow your from South Africa we should talk more often perhaps what's up each other.

@Bev77SouthAfrica I’m from Jamaica

@Faith226 oh good. Where would we be without technology. People from all over the world can be united through tech.

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