Hi guys, I'm a new member. I would say I'm okay but I want t

Hi guys, I'm a new member. I would say I'm okay but I want to be able to say that with confidence & I feel like I'm not. I haven't cut myself in almost 3 years & I feel I'm fighting the urge to do so almost everyday. I just don't want to break.

Hey, it's okay! You're human, you're not perfect, and you're going to have moments of weakness. All you can do is your best :)

@gettingoverit Thank you so much!

I know the feeling. I haven't cut since July of this year. My anxiety is super high today and I'm fighting myself. I just came on here in hopes to find someone to talk to. We can be strong together.

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@justthisgirl2 I will definitely be here for you if you need someone to listen & thank you so much

I made it through my night of struggle and then have had two good days. :-) hope you are doing better too! I'm still cut free! I hope you can say the same. If not, start a new track record! We fight a battle that is hard but we get stronger each day!

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@justthisgirl2 it’s a bit rocky still but I need to remember to give myself more credit…I’m so happy you’re doing well though! that does make all the difference & just being on here for a half hour has already changed my mood.

Glad it's changing your mood. People are great here. :-) It's really hard sometimes but we really need to dig deep down and find that little bit of happy or strength to get through until the next wave of happy comes. For me I'm bipolar so I need to find strength
until the next happy comes and sometimes it takes a long time. I haven't really been happy in a long while but I have had just a few days here and there. I am having a couple good days now so I'm hoping they last but I don't know they will. I will just enjoy them while they are here.