Hi guys... it's my second post in here... i have planned to

hi guys... it's my second post in here... i have planned to start to stop this addiction for another time... i think it's the 1 million's time... i have heard that if u can stop this addiction for 40 days u'll be able to to quit it for the rest of your life... but this time the situation is different... i'm here... iv'e joined this support group and i think it'll help me... iv'e planned to share my feelings and you know temptations everyday here... and after all i think i need to apologize about my english :D

Well, to be honest i don't think it's true. It's actually the opposite, the more you stop sexual activities the more hormones build up and make your craving for sex even worse.

The best way to get rid of it, is to guide this energy away in a non harmful way. Just by masturbating every now and then, you can get rid of the initial wave. And after that you need to occupy your mind with something else. Like a hobby that eats up time, so your mind is occupied with the hobby and not with sex.

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@xylitol actually i didn’t mean that if someone does’t masturbate for 40 days,he/she will never become tempted to do that in the future; i wanted to say that if someone can control him/her self for 40 day, he/she does get the needed willpower to say “NO” to his/her temptations. iv’e stated to swim everyday which can help me burn extra energy and my university begins in 5 days and i won’t be free as i was… i’m somehow hopeful about this time i don’t know why… :smiley:

The more days you have under your belt the better (baby steps to bigger steps, one day at a time), but addiction is something you will always have to be on high alert for. It does get easier though the more you understand it and the more support you get and especially the more days you get through without giving in to the temptation. Good for you for reaching out! Your english was great in your post ;) Have you ever been able to get support from a therapist trained in pornography/sexual addiction?

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@CannotSeeTheWayOut you’re correct. i know the temptation never stops; but as i replied to the previous comment iv’e heard by not masturbating for 40 days, you’ll get the needed willpower to control yourself for the rest of the way… in the other hand in our country (IRAN) things are a little bit complicated, i mean, actually i don’t know how to say, i’m ashamed to go to a therapist and announce my problem… you know in our religion masturbating is a sin and this fact makes things difficult…