Hi guys. Want to post what I’ve been dealing with. I’ll

Hi guys. Want to post what I’ve been dealing with. I’ll try to make it short. 2 1/2 years ago I had many health problems that I cured with diet. One of the problems was like a uti type problem with inflammation down there. I was very ill at the time and often bedridden. At that time I also had developed a slight bend at the base of my penis during erection. I assume now that it is prostate inflammation but tests showed nothing. Docs don’t know **** often though. It hasn’t effected sex but was scary. At the same time I developed a epidermal cyst in my sac that was small enough to not concern docs. During that time with all that happening I got scared and traumatized and started thinking if all this is happening anything can happen. What if I start shrinking? I was very scared and not thinking straight. Fast forward more like 3 years and I’m still dealing with this fear. I also have erectile dysfunction much of the time and when I get hard I rarely get fully hard. I obsessively check myself by masturbating to erection to make sure I didn’t shrink. Lately I can’t get fully hard so it doesn’t look as big and it drives me nuts and makes me more compelled to obsessively check. It’s really effected my self esteem

Have you considered therapy to help you deal with this fear? When we go through a traumatizing event, it can spiral into anxiety, which can turn crippling.

Talking with a therapist may very well help you overcome this fear. Your emotional state can have quite an impact on your ED problem. Lifestyle changes can also affect your self-confidence and ED. There are also several exercises you can do to help. I will share some with you if you want to message me.

Saw your post, would be real interested in hearing about your mentioned exercises. I have been doing a premature ejaculation exercise every other day, seems to be helping. Appreciate it.