Hi. I am 13 and have two curves in my back. I currently have

Hi. I am new to this group. I am 13 and have two curves in my back. I currently have to wear two braces 18 hours a day everyday. I have a hard time with my brace because i am embarrassed to tell most of my friends about it. I also always have back and neck pain from my curves but cannot find a way to help it.

Do you have any support from Friends or family through this? Hugs to you, we. Are here for you.

I have some support from my family and a few of my friends but they really don't understand

Hey im also 13. I have 2 curves in my back 40° curves. I have to wear a back brace 23 hours a day. I also have support with family and friends but it still doesnt feel like anyone understands... U have lots of pain in my back and sometimes i get sad and it just feels impossible... i would love to get into touch with you if you dont mind. I need a friend. Dm me if you are interested or e-mail: [email protected]

Im 14 i have two curves as well I'm in the whatch and wait stage with 9% up top and 16% on the bottom, i know it's not that bad but because I'm unhealthy skinny it's pretty obvious. I'm in constant pain and would love to chat,