Hi. I am freaking out right now and cannot stop searching th

Hi. I am freaking out right now and cannot stop searching the internet about my symptoms or find a definite although based on my areas of swelling and palpable node on side of breast I am certain it's related to lymphatic system. It started a couple months ago, I noticed the lymph areas on upper chest enlarged (you can see it protruding out looking across from opposite side), thought this was very strange but then ignored it. A couple weeks later started feeling exhausted, just dead on my feet and finding it more difficult to focus and remember things. A month ago felt an enlarged node on side of breast on same side. So started looking at chest more and realized everything, even my arm on that side is enlarged/swollen. Have an appt Monday in 6 days already scheduled but over last couple days noticing even my face on that side is starting to swell. Thought I was being paranoid as kids said no but today it is noticeably larger to where even they can tell. Also have had a low fever for a week and no symptoms of cold, infection, flu, anything. Have not recently had an illness. Also had some bad dizzy spells over summer where I would stand up from kneeling in garden and almost pass out/fall.

I am really starting to freak out with how quickly things are occurring and increasing.

Forgot to put in earlier on same side of breast there has been strange small rash/patch on skin that has turned into multiple spots and I have also lost weight without trying, have not been able to get this low on weight since high school even with extreme effort. Just had 3rd child almost 3 yrs ago and am 31 yrs old so if anything my metabolism should be slowing. Oh yeah, have tenderness also for last month in spleen area.

Reason I am on lymphoma page asking if this sounds at all like it could be versus breast cancer is the degree to which the swelling is spreading and the fever. Hodgkins lymphoma is one of the main things that pops up when I type in my symptoms.

Looking for opinion from anyone who has had lymphoma if this sounds similar. Should I try getting into Dr sooner? My Dr is far away (a whole day round trip) but really anxious with the new face involvement.

Hi! Let me just start off by saying I'm a 26 yr old Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor, so I can definitely relate to the stress and anxiety you are feeling right now. Before and during my treatment, the piece of advice I heard most from doctors/ nurses and other survivors was- don't google your symptoms/ illness- this will just stress you out even more and send you down an impossible rabbit hole of fear and anxiety! I would suggest getting to your doctor as soon as possible- 1. this will allow you to figure out whats going on and start the process of treatment 2. this will give you peace of mind that you are doing everything possible toward recovery.
I had a cough for about a month and was losing lots of weight and then had a persistent fever, but it took 2 doctors to finally diagnose me! So basically what I learned from that is, if you are scared, worried, in pain, go to a doctor, and don't leave until you are satisfied they have done everything to diagnose you! My main problem with doctors is that they sometimes don't take you seriously (especially if you are a woman), or you yourself try to downplay your symptoms and pain- so just make sure you feel comfortable the doctor is taking you seriously, and if they are not, see another one!
Most of all, I wish you strength through this difficult time. You just have to take things one step at a time and you will get through this!

I hope all goes well with your treatment and recovery.

Thanks for responding. I did go to my Dr and she literally walked out while I was still trying to tell her what all was going on. She didn't look at or feel a single thing other than the one lymph node even though I had scheduled for a breast exam. I am looking for a new Dr to see.

@concerned86 Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you find a more considerate Dr. I don’t know how it is where you live, but in Germany normally our OBGYN do the breast exams, and also because you sometimes have a closer relationship with them, they are more likely to listen. Don’t give up until you feel satisfied that the doctors have given you a thorough examination and are listening… Stay strong :slight_smile: