Hi. I am in the middle of my first outbreak. I have a lot

Hi. I am in the middle of my first outbreak. I have a lot of nerve pain and I feel like crap. My doctor just kind of suggested that my boyfriend cheated on me so that was nice. He and I were both tested a couple months back and our tests came back negative. I know that sometimes the tests are false negatives. Do you think my brain cheated or that possibly one of is had it from a previous partner and the test came back negative?

First, did you both get tested for herpes, that is a separate test you have to ask for, Second, it can lay dormant, so it wasn't necessarily recently that you got it. Finally, that doctor is awful, get another one!

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Thanks! We did both get tested for herpes, but it is possible one of us had it, but hadn't "converted" yet. The doc said you convert im 3-4 weeks, but online I read it could take a couple of months. My boyfriend and I were separated for a few months and go back together in early Oct. He was tested late Sept so it is possible he slept with someone while we were separated and contracted it from her but got tested before he converted. She is just my general doctor. I might have to go back to having an Obgyn again. They are hard to find these days.

The virus does take time to show up in your system therefore the last time you were tested it is possible the virus hadnt developed enough to show positive. At the end of the day you have it and best to focus on moving forward.