Hi, I am new here.. And I am bisexual.. I like both guys and

hi, I am new here.. And I am bisexual.. I like both guys and girls. But the thing is, nobody knows. I have only had relationships with guys, my family being very homophobic, but I don't feel right if that makes sense. Sometimes when I see a pretty girl I want her to notice me. I want to get her number, but I am too shy. Wht would my family think? I also have a boyfriend right now of six months and I couldn't hurt him, but I don't feel right in the relationship. Everytime we do something, I imagine a girl doing this to me, not him.. I need help and I don't know what to do as I am scared

are you sure you are bisexual, and not gay? from this, which is of course all I have to go on, I wonder if you have been with guys not out of desire but because that was all you felt was acceptable. on the other hand, if you truly like guys and also like girls, maybe its something else, like the desire to consummate things with girls. and welcome!

@norseduncan thank u for ur insight and i might very well may be… im just so scared 2 explore these other feelings as my family is not very open 2 those things

@Cory 1999 lol hi

I completely understand wht u r saying but its hard.. my entire life I have lived in my mothers shadow.. I do wht she wants, says wht she wants, dates who she wants.. hell I even chose my future career with her in mind.. its hard 2 get out of tht mind set

@CassieG023 I get that. but you may have to in order to be happy

Mind me asking how old you are, or just generally, are you still in high school, or college, and living with your parents?

You do need to start living your own life at some point. Dating who you want, living how you want.

@zen-man Im 20 and in college… my mom pays all my bills

About telling your boyfriend: unless you have a crush on someone else, it doesn't matter what their gender is. This is coming from a pansexual, just so you know. If you care about HIM NOW that is what is important. I wouldn't put unnecessary pressure on yourself about telling him, but it would be his loss if he doesn't get it. On the other hand... if you are only ever thinking of a girl, is it one person? Or only girls? It's okay to only be into girls too :) I'm here if you wanna talk it over more!

@www.hope aww thanks:) I am into girls in general… and im not into any1 else, but i also don’t feel anything myself… i would love 2 talk more