Hi I am new here and I think this would help, I am feeling j

Hi I am new here and I think this would help, I am feeling jealous, I have been with my fiancé for a year now and we just broke up because of my jealousy and controlling nature, and I have worked very hard on myself to fix it and control it and I have also been scheduled to see a therapist aswell, but I am so in the dark about what to do, I have done painting I have started a journal, I have been meditating, and I am now at the point where I will not get jealous at something she would normally wear but I would still be jealous if she wore something revealing or just something she would never wear, any help would be appreciated I just want to be back with her and she won’t take me back until I completely get rid of my jealousy.

Has she ever done anything to make you jealous? Do you think some of her clothes are too reveling? Maybe they are a bit too reveling, I don't know. Sometimes a person can do things to make the other one jealous by the way they act but if she doesn't do anything then think about that. If she's a person that wouldn't cheat and behaves appropriately then you have to say to yourself, she hasn't done anything to make me not trust her, I'm getting myself all worked up for nothing and all it does is cause upset between us when we could be having an enjoyable time together. You will need to practice changing your way of thinking on a daily basis.

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@Fohb460 thank you so very much this has helped tremendously I was so very lost and you have gave me a light and a reason to keep going thank you tremendously.

im below 20 and a female so i cant relate completely to what ur going through but i feel this exact thing for my boyfriend even down to what he wears bc i have a feeling that other girls will look at him the way i do, ive done all the things ur trying like mediating painting ect, and i know people mightve already told u to do this or maybe this wont help for you but the only thing that did help for me was going on with him and just seeing what he looks at, it doesnt make sense but if you dont see ur fiance taking interest in boys in the street no matter what clothes shes wearing it shouldnt bother you what other men think of her bc she chose u not them, hope you feel better

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@k4seyleigh thank you for the advice I’ve never heard anyone say that honestly I will definitely try this thank you so much for reaching out to me it means a lot, and also thank you I am starting to feel better about everything and the situation.