Hi, I am new here. I am 25, was assigned male at birth, and

Hi, I am new here. I am 25, was assigned male at birth, and I recently came out as trans to many friends. Now I am just building up the courage to come out to family. I may go into Too Much Information territory regarding my body, so just a warning in advance as I write this.

I call myself, "transfeminine" because while I feel most comfortable wearing feminine clothing and being referred to as , "She/Her/They/Their", I wonder how far I have to go to be accepted as a transwoman. For instance (and forgive me if this is Too Much Information), I don't dislike my genitals, but I have internal debates about my chest (one moment I fantasize about having breasts, the next I think of myself as a flat-chested woman) and whether I should have surgery in order to qualify as a trans person. Is there a certain level I have to pass in order to be accepted as a trans woman?

I think everyone will have an opinion, but in my mind, how you view yourself and your body is the important thing. You love who you are and you want others to as well, how fabulous is that?! Hugs!

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@CKBlossom I do love who I am, at least I am beginning to love myself more. Now I’m just wondering how to adjust the rest of my life. More and more people know I am trans, and I am just now making changes that feel good. I’m hoping my family won’t stop me.

there is no level you have to qualify. It's not a test. If you think you are trans,you are. It doesn't matter what the standards are.

@morganawinchester Now that is wisdom right there.