Hi I am new the site, literally just joined. Just had a b

I am new the site, literally just joined. Just had a binge after being off it for a few weeks. Feeling bad. anyone any ideas on how to stop. what works for you.

I wish I had all of the answers but one thing I can tell you is that when Im super raging for something, whether sugar or salty, and I feel like trashing a room or running out of work to go get something but I cant, the urge passes with time. It feels overwhelmingly out of control but then it passes. I don't know if it does for you but you have to be wiling and able to sit thru that storm of craving to see that it passes

Thanks I think \i know this in my head but then I "forget" and do this conning thing in my head talking to myself doing the whole "its ok if you just have one, one wont hurt" and I know I really know that one wont cut it it could lead to a binge that lasts for months. I am so strong in so many aspects of my life but am willing to risk it all on having a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips. The thing is they dont even taste that good

I know , me too, my lifelong struggle

Its amazing to me that people say just use will power of whatever. I must have the most pathetic lack of this mythical beast cos it sure does not work for me. Then I feel like crap so eat and on and on and on. Its so boring really, as stories go and jet so utterly sad as well. I would like to find a support group like AA or NA or something because I do feel alone with this, my family my friends have no understanding of what living with this monkey on your back is like, its sucking the life out of me

There is a group called Overeaters Anonymous, u should see if they have meetings in your area. My bf tells me you need to change your eating habits, at least 3x a week, he so doesn't get it. I just tell him when u give up beer, I'll change my eating habits, because he loves his beer!

Thing is its not overeating is it. No one would tell and alcoholic if you could just stop drinking so much or not do quite so much crack. I dont eat that much I binge on sugar its not like I have a problem with eating to much broccoli…

Lol right? Me neither

@birjean Thanks been nice to chat, am off to bed now, by the way this best mate of yours, whats his deal, I am assuming its a he, comments like that are like nails on a blackboard to me. Must have some other really good things going on. Goodnight.