Hi, I am new to the group. I had a BKA of my right leg on 13

Hi, I am new to the group. I had a BKA of my right leg on 13 January 2020. I have some good days and bad days. The bad days have seemed to be more and more now than the good. As I try to figure out some sort of normalcy it seems to be harder and harder. I live alone. My family is in South Carolina, and my friends here are either married with families or involved and have their own situations they deal with. It is very hard to deal from day to day....just looking for some advice on how to find my new normal.

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Hello, you seem to be doing the right thing and realizing and expressing your feelings. Some people are introverts and some of us are extroverts. The key is to find something or multiple areas that you want to expand on and make new goals or try new events. Make new friends. Plan new things. Start off with one thing you want to do and expand. I had a friend that was an amputee so I sort of know he goes through. It was very hard for him at first and its a change. Sometimes the very bad things in life we can learn from it and teach others and other people it totally ruins them. This is just my advice. I am always here for you if you need to talk.

They have programs for nurses or rehab to come to you, if you are unable to get out right now.
I know how scary the whole experience is, I had my bk amputation on my left leg four years ago. On May 20th, I have to have a revision, my stump will be below the knee still, just shorter. Its been 15 months since I have walked, so fingers crossed, I'll be walking again in three months.
I have lost friends to this, but I have gained so many more, through all of the medical staff and care workers that I have met through my journey.
It does get better!! Please hang in there and fight for the life you want! I'm available anytime if you would like to talk.