Hi. I am new to this support group thing. For me, my disorde

Hi. I am new to this support group thing. For me, my disorder started when I hit puberty. I got minor acne breakouts, but then I felt like every pore on my skin was a pimple I had to squeeze. It started with my arms, then my face. I have scars to prove it. This may sound weird or even gross to some, but sometimes watching pimple popping videos like Dr. Sandra Lee helps some. Anybody else out there who feels like me?

Hi. I don't suffer from skin picking. However, I love watching pimple popping with Dr. Sandra Lee, Enilsa Brown and others. My friends think it's gross, but I find it incredibly soothing.

@KitsuneWolf101 Not sure I am following you or not. I agree grooming ourselves and each other is instinctual. Cats and chimps spend hours doing it, and it’s healthy for them and good for their community. But they stop when the grooming is complete. Animals under stress, however, will groom to the point of bleeding, pain, etc. So I think skin-picking takes a normal behavior and turns it into an addictive behavior. I don’t use the word “addictive” as a judgment. I mean it stimulates the pleasure center in the brain, and that part of the brain enlarges, and stopping the behavior causes painful withdrawal symptoms.