Hi...I found out a month ago that my husband was cheating on

Hi...I found out a month ago that my husband was cheating on me for a year. Im so broken. I thought we would be together forever. He is a Narcissist which makes things worse and he wants to work things out but he is acting like nothing happened...how can I ever trust him again?

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Welcome to SG! If he is a narc, then you can't trust him. Narcs don't feel empathy or remorse and therefore won't change

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I know.. I just recently found out what a Narc was and he is definitely one..marriage was hard anyway and he made my self esteem so low that I'm afraid to leave.

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I feel you. When they cheat, it kills your self esteem even more. That’s how I feel right now too, my wife cheated for 2 yrs.

Sort out your feelings. Talk to someone. I support you. Whatever you do, know fault is not with you. Love yourself. It's going to be hard overall but you will be ok

Thank you!...it's going to be tough but I have hope. Hope that I will be happy again one day.

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@Leesa23 of course you will be. World is a big place and you don’t need much to be happy. Just faith and a postivie attitude.

@JR0888 this is just my opinion but also my profession so here goes. Psych becomes I infatuated with fads in diagnosis. Once everyone was bi-polar,then borderline personality disordered, now it’s narc’s. Depending on your symptoms and the number of them plus history it’s a long process to correctly diagnose someone. I bet in 2-3 years “narcs” will go the way ECT oddly which is now coming back. Woohoo tie me down and shock my brain till I feel better. Sorry I’m a bit jaded

Yes I'm going to try to think positive...I researched narcissist and it explained everything...all the traits..it was definitely eye opening for me.

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I'm about to ask my husband for the password to our cell phone account to see if he is still talking to this girl..he says he isn't but I don't believe him. He is going to get mad but I need to know..Im sure I will be leaving him tonight. I have so much anxiety!

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@Leesa23 Well if he doesn’t give the password than he will look pretty guilty then

Exactly..I am already expecting it. I just need to be brave and leave. I was his wife and now I feel like the fool.

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@Leesa23 do you think that he will give you the password my spouse would never do that I would because I’m an open book curious to see how this turns out for you

@Leesa23 Keep us posted!! Very curious to see how this snake might try to wriggle his way out of this!

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I will let you know...he is taking awhile to get home...he keeps calling though and being really nice. Maybe he can sense this!

They can sense when they need to put their mask back on. Sickos. You deserve better.

Its so sick its gotten to the point where if mine is nice i know he is up to something. When he is an azz it means he is low on other supply and depressed abt it haha so predictable. I can read him like a book of jokes now that i know his game. And he doesnt know i know so even better.

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@Yellowrose10 That’s terrible!

As far as I'm concerned, you can never trust him again. With my narcissist boyfriend of 8 years, he would criticize anyone that cheated. He always told me how much he loved me and would never cheat and claims he never had before with any other relationships or his marriage. Well, after 8 years, I find out he was with a woman for 5 years and another for 12. He was the best liar I have ever seen and seemed so sincere about his devotion to me. It was all an act. For me, when there are lies and cheating, there can never be trust again.

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Yes, that is what I'm saying Jross. I don't know how he did it. He is in the music industry and it's easy to lie and say you are on a gig. I found out by a woman who found me on face book and wondered who I was because she had seen pictures of me and some video. She thought she was the only one. I found out later he was with another for 12 years. I have to say, he has a talent for being deceitful. I don't know how he can live with himself but that's a trait of a narcissist. They have no feelings of guilt.

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