Hi I had a beautiful baby boy in 2014 but he stretched my be

Hi I had a beautiful baby boy in 2014 but he stretched my belly a lot and damaged my muscles my belly has got a bit better but it still very attached and saggy has any one had a baby and had plastic surgery or what way have you changed your body's

Are you breastfeeding? I gained 42 lbs with daughter and I only breastfed her and I had lost 20lbs by the time she was a week old. She was also picky so would refuse my milk if I ate greasy or seasoned food. So i had to avoid things i normally ate. I ate smaller portions but more frequently. I also have a pinterest account where I look up like a month long challenge for any workout I feel I want and I try that. They have lots of motivation and tips for healthy eating and workouts on there.

Not sure if you've ever seen or hear about the It Works Skinny Wraps but they would help SO much. They got rid of all of my saggy skin a lot of people try them before going for the Big Bang of plastic surgery. Also, they're all natural.

I herd of them but was unsure about them working I will looking in to that now as I want surgery to be the very last resort thank you

@Driverallmand I actually give one away every week for free to try out! Add me on FB Audrey Payne

They’re amazing!! Plus they help with stretch marks and cellulite too! I was very skeptical until I tried them myself.