Hi i have absolutely nobody to talk to ab this so im js kind

hi i have absolutely nobody to talk to ab this so im js kind of venting on this bc like idk what to do, also tw rape, so like probably since i was around 6 until i was like 11 i was sa’d by my grandad nearly every day for years and i didnt speak out ab it until i was 12/13 and i really needed like emotional help bc it affected me so much, so after i spoke out went court he got arrested ect but after that i wasnt allowed to talk ab it again since my grandads kids (my uncles and aunties) were between 10 and 20s, obviously the older ones above the age of 20 knew
ab it but i couldnt exactly tell the ones under 16 that their dad was a rap15t, i wasnt allowed any therapist and when i got offered school counseling i wasnt allowed that either, it hurts to not have anyone to talk to ab it bc it has to be a secret, obviously i dont wanna like go round telling my family what happened to me but since its their dad they are obviously gna talk ab him and its so triggering but i cant exactly tell them to stop, its been maybe 2 years since i last spoke ab it (15 now) and i wish i got atleast some emotional support even of my own mum, oh and one of my aunties (15) js died so i dont really wanna start speaking ab my problems to them while they are grieving the loss of their sister

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I am so sorry that you feel isolated with no support. That sounds really awful, not to be able to have anyone to talk to. I understand how you feel and if you need someone to listen, I am a good listener.

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@CanUSeeTheRealMe thank youuu

You are so brave for speaking up, it must have been really hard especially with the lack of support after. You are stronger than you know, you can make it through this. We are here to support you in the meantime!

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thank youuu