Hi, I have had insomnia for 22 years recently it has become

Hi, I have had insomnia for 22 years recently it has become worst in the last 2 years. I have found it unbearable. I have been off sick I am now , very hard to work this tired. In a constant panic about sleep . Get 4 broken hours if I'm lucky poor quality sleep. Obsessed with the problem. On medication doesn't work. I have felt suicidal. No plans. It's scary when you try so many things no answer .

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I am right there with you. I have tremendous trouble sleeping. Have you tried z quill. It’s expensive for me. Plz don’t feel that bad. Lots of people suffer from this. It took a lady I knew 18 years to get the right prescription for sleep. You are here for a reason. I am sure you are doing your best. Stay positive. Please be careful.

Sometimes when try to relax.. and unable to sleep.. I think about how cool it would be if all the insomniacs in the world could be like outpost guard watchers of the city and get paid a nice salary for staying up all night. (Have a purpose and pay for our misery)
I also start to blame Thomas Edison and other inventors of electricity/electronics and having light in our eyes 24/7! hahah..
Thank you for speaking up and sharing.
-- going on year 3 of sleep problems-- and know where you are at!
Have you looked into cooling/chill caps and weighted blankets.. Ppl say it has helped.
Keep searching and will be thinking of you!

Yo just ride this trip with me. I'm tripping and hallucinating due to insomnia.

Maybe try the nature sounds. I think nature sounds have cycle that helps the brain. I recorded the area cicadas one summer. It helps sometimes. Then switch over to something like frogs. If you grew up hearing trains look online for train sounds. Can loop play sounds. Sometimes the stream videos even work. Remind me of a summer camping.

Of course the sound should relate pleasant or no bad memories