Hi. I have just joined this website today. I have a whole ho

Hi. I have just joined this website today. I have a whole host of 'issues' that are going on in my life, and unfortunately, having a gambling addiction is one of them. It all started about 5 years ago, a friend of mine won a nice amount on an online slot. Of course, that evening, I had a go. And basically ever since then, I have been a regular visitor of the online slots. I have often gotten 'silly' with the amount of money I'd spend on it, but I would always recognise that and then pull myself away for a while. Only in September 2015, I won £3000. I was so happy, I cashed out the money and everything. Then a few weeks later, I decided to try my luck and see if I could win that amount again. Of course, I didn't. But over the coming months I kept on playing and playing... until one day I won £2500. I was so happy, until I played the whole lot back! I then went ahead and deposited somewhere along the regions of a further £900 over the following 3 weeks. Needlesss to say, I'd gotten into a right mess. I then recognised that my problem is huge and needs to be dealt with. At the moment I am trying to deal with it by myself. I sailed through the whole of august and didn't gamble once. I fell off the wagon during 2 weeks in September, and then managed to cut myself off from it all again - this time I self excluded myself from every gambling site I'm registered on. So far I haven't been on any of them since the end of September. I know that's only a couple of weeks to most people, but for a gambler, that is a very long time.

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@RecoveringRose That is a good name. Thank you for the Welcome. I just joined a day ago but feel more hopeful.