Hi, I have not posted here in this group but after the way m

Hi, I have not posted here in this group but after the way my breast has been feeling...I will prob need to at least get scanned. I lost my own mom to BC. I have only had ONE mammgrm a LONG time ago due to my absolute fear of the desease. I KNOW it's not rational but I am not ready to get on the BC train of pain & sorrow yet...I'm sure there are many ppl who have dodged a bullet -can I actually be THAT lucky, blessed?? SO scared...

I am so sorry about your Mom and I understand your fears. I don’t know whether my story will help or not but I will share it. I just sorta ignored BC. My daughter had it and went thru the pain and agony of conventional treatment. I did not do mammograms. I cried with her and prayed. I had nursed 5 children and was reasonably healthy and tried to do things naturally so I never thought about BC for me. But one day out of the blue I felt led to choose not to have conventional treatment should I get the diagnosis of BC.
Two years later I got the word and was crushed. I couldn’t believe it but I had to deal with an exploded breast so I proceeded telling each and every doctor, “I will not do conventional treatment” even as they pushed and shoved. I was able to stand my grouind. Notice this was my decision and was for me and not for anyone else. We each have to decide what is best for us. I am two years down the road. It has been slow but mostly sure. The breast is healing and the cancer count is down. I knew that it would be OK either way because God had a plan.
Praise God I found an oncologist that would work with me after I stood my ground with her. Fear is tough stuff to deal with the real stuff seems to be a whole lot easier. I pray for you to find peace. I pray that God will bless you and guide you. I pray that you will be able to rest in Him and trust Him. I know that nothing is going to happen to you or me that He does not know about. I know that He will be with you all the way no matter the road. Do what you must and trust Him. God bless you and keep you in His c

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@hsgramabrenda Thankyou SO much for your thoughts and experience shared here -it means everything to me you see bc I went in and even tho the additional ultrasound took fairly long -they sent me home a much happier person than when I went in. I’m proud of myself for making it thru the intense experience. Hsgramabrenda -you are a beautiful, wise soul & Im glad you stuck to your own decision. Nothing is an “accident” and that includes you sending me your good thoughts,prayers as I will also do right back for YOU…be blessed and WELL my friend!