Hi, I hope you are all doing well. I hope this is the right

Hi, I hope you are all doing well. I hope this is the right group for what I'm struggling with. For pretty much all of my life up to this point I've been struggling with a porn addiction. I've half heartedly tried to stop my addiction in the past. But this time I'm going to make the best effort i can to finally overcome it. I'm going to look at and try to understand what put me on this path, i think understand the why is important to figuring out how to stop. I'm making this a main focus of mine it's very difficult to kick this addiction on your own. I've never had a support system or access to any form of therapy. I'm not looking for advice, although I'm fine if whomever reads this
wants to gives advice. I just to express what I'm thinking, I guess I find it helpful on some level.

Welcome. Expression of thoughts is something I have found very helpful also. Write the out as much as you need. So what made you want to overcome your addiction?

It's time, I'm tired of it having a hold on me. I'm also realizing how much it's effecting everything in my life, relationships, mental state, motivation.....etc.....etc. I want a different life. A better one

@TT86 a better life for yourself is a good reason to get the addiction under control. Getting the addiction out in the open, finding good ways to deal with the thoughts, good activities to replace less desired ones. Lots of ways to work the addiction and get it under control to offer yourself a better life.