Hi I just registered her and I feel weird but I'm over 50 ye

Hi I just registered her and I feel weird but I'm over 50 years old and am just now feeling that I might be gay. I have never been able to connect on a deeper level with men. I always feel like I am only able to be physical with them and then nothing with women I'm able to talk and share and be myself. I am attracted sexually to both but I have never had a relationship with a women I would not know even where to start in so confused you think I would have figured this out a long time ago.

Hi. This is my first time here. I also feel weird being here. I'm a 49 yr old gay woman looking for some support from the community.

@Uconn wow I seriously thought I was the only one it’s nice to see that I’m not as unusual as I thought

I've had the same best friend for over 25 years but recently just admitted to myself that I have sexual feelings for her. She is totally straight and it drives me crazy to see her with men. What do I do?

I also have a long distance girlfriend who is a lot younger than me. I feel like I'm cheating on her because of my feelings for my best friend. My feelings for my best friend make me hold out on what could be something wonderful. Please send me comments and suggestions. Thanks

Does anyone have any suggestions for me regarding being attracted to my straight best friend?

@Uconn Yup.
Best thing to do is work on your LDR & forget about it.
You’re better off without trying to figure out something that could really hurt you (and everyone else involved) in the end.
Been there. Done that,
She left me anyway.

If possible, I don’t think you should act on it. You may lose her as a friend. It sounds like she is 100% straight. Lovers come and go but friends stay forever. Don’t mess up the friendship. You will regret it so much. Best friends are SO hard to find. I wish I had one. Please be grateful she is in your life as a friend and realize she will always be there for you.

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Hi zendog. Thanks for the advice. You are right I dont want to loose her as my best friend. The friendship is too important to me. I'm doing okay. How are you? What kind of support are you looking for. I'm a good listener.

@Uconn Why don’t you make friends on here first?
That way, you have someone to run to that understands/