Hi I’m 66 and mid way through a shingles outbreak of the r

Hi I’m 66 and mid way through a shingles outbreak of the right side sciatica, my problem is I the pain and bleeding on the inside of my lybia and wonder if there is something I can do to help it heal.

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Really sorry to hear this. It sounds so painful. I found this website where people give their experiences with different remedies. Some are prescribed medicine and some are home remedies. Best of luck to you. https://comments.emedicinehealth.com/shingles/viewer-comments_em-95.htm

Hi, I am just asking for myself. Did your shingles cause your Sciatica?
I have had shingles 4 times and I'm 51. My shingles were on left side at my waist, and I didn't have any leg pain . But, 2 months ago my left hip started to ache and my sciatic nerve on my left is inflamed from hip to big toe! Just wondering if the shingles could cause the leg pain?

According to what my doctor told me, shingles damages the nerves and yes you will get recurring pain, tingling and itching at the site where the shingles travelled.

I was diagnosed with internal shingles by my Neurologist. I have had sciatic nerve pain for five to six months at a time. I also have bands of pain in my torso that has lasted for about a year.