Hi, I’m looking for guidance. My husband is an addict and

Hi, I’m looking for guidance. My husband is an addict and I’m living in another country to home and have no one I can talk to about how to deal with my situation. I know that he will slip up. But when he does he doesn’t just confront me and tell me the truth. He disappears for hours on end. Not answering my phone calls. I don’t trust him and right now I hate him. How do I get through this?

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completely understandable to not trust him and even hate him. i went through that with my husband and it was exhausting. same with my sister and her ex husband. we read a lot online about living with an addict , al-anon principles, about friends and loved ones of addicts. what helped me was remembering not to talk to him or engage when he was drunk or on something. to be patient and stick with my schedule. set my boundaries and not budge. and let him know no arguing, we can talk calmly, openly, truthfully, but no screaming or yelling. my husband chose to get help on his own but in the end his body just couldn't handle the struggles. 2 weeks ago today he passed away in his sleep. i am thankful he tried his best to be sober, to detox, to recover, to get treatment. they have to choose that. we can't force them.

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@iamloved2017 I’m so sorry to hear about your husband I hope you’re getting the support you need at this time