Hi, I saw other people posting in support groups about their

Hi, I saw other people posting in support groups about their family members. My mom is addicted to video games. She always says they help her and that they help her relax, but as soon as she is not playing them she gets in a bad mood. I have been trying to help her, but I can't seem to find something. I try to be there for her. I just want her to not focus on video games so much. I am not sure what to do. Does anyone else in the support group have family members that are addicted to video games? Any advice for me on how to help her.

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why don't you sit with her and play video games together? and approach her like, you like that she has something she likes/enjoys in her life.
and then in addition, you help her find an additional hobby or things to do? and help her get on that path? like supplies and finding out if there is any free/cheap class for that where she can go and do it together with others. Try to approach her with the manner that you are enjoying being with her (i'm NOT saying you are NOT doing it already) and say that "additional" things will enrich her life even more.
And then make even shared hobbies with her that you can talk about whenever you two meet. be it sewing/knitting. maybe remember that it's often the case that when you try to change/fix someone, that person resists it or hates it. and don't make her feel guilty or blame her. that she just gets more attached to the game like escape route. don't see it as black and white thing (video game and no video game). support her, then support and respect what she likes too. one of my friends plays video games all the time (at least it appears that he's enjoying it a lot and has been so for many years) but he is also doing his business which is successful. it's like video game is way to feel good and relieve stress and enjoy life.
it's like what some people playing sports car in their free time, while the rest of the week is stressful. you just give her love more and care more for her. really try your best. she will feel it. take her out to nice place sometimes, if you can, so that she feels real life is as good as cyber life. I find in general people who are addicted to something is the one who needs love the most and can be changed by a lot of love. I'm not criticizing or judging you. That's not my intention.

thank you. I have been really busy lately, but I am trying to do more stuff with her. We ate out together, and are talking about painting which I think will help her if she gets into painting, coloring, and other crafts more. We have been talking with each other about applying for jobs and she even said she wanted to exercise with me friday. She was sick for a while, so she is in a better mood now. thank you for the advice.

my son is like that. He is 16 and in high school. Every time he plays with his friends he gets really happy and excited. They talks to each other while playing game. But once he gets off the games and need to do the homework. That is when he gets really impatient and also frustrated and emotional with himself. We try to take him out on the weekend as much as possible. Just shift his attention from video games sometimes. He also attend after school clubs/ activities like rehearsal for musical play. He always feels better when he is in theater group. I think he feels it is like a big family and have a lot of friends to talk to each other. I remember in football season, he is not as into video gaming. Because after practices and football game, he is already exhausted and wanting to go to sleep.