Hi, I suffer from trichotillomania like y'all...I began pull

Hi, I suffer from trichotillomania like y'all...I began pulling out my eyelashes in 6th grade since I was 12...I still pull them to this day and I'm going into 11th, I am 16...for 4 ish years I've managed to pull out all my eyelashes (they have yet to grow back because I still pull them) and then I moved onto my eyebrows during my transition to 9th grade and I barely had any hair on my eyebrows but I've stopped with my eyebrows and have now moved on to my worst fear...my head hair...i keep trying to make myself stop but I can't I physically cannot I feel like I NEED to pick and mentally it feels good and it's satisfying...so if any of y'all know anything that helps it would greatly be appreciated if you could let me know!!!

Bro, how in living hell did you hide it from people at school? How did you manage to do that? Didn't anyone see?

@Balkan Folk my eyelashes, people do notice here and there but i let them know it’s a sensitive topic for me but i wear eyeliner so it isn’t as obvious and my eyebrows i didn’t hide at all, people did say stuff in the beginning of the year but then they began growing back…idek how i stopped…but my head i just started a month or so ago and i just change my parts and style it differently to hide it…but i’m trying to get it under control before it’s noticeable on my head