Hi. I tested + for hsv1 about two weeks ago. It feels as tho

Hi. I tested + for hsv1 about two weeks ago. It feels as though this first outbreak is never ending. I believed at first it was razor burn and it seems to have gotten worse everyday. The dr barely told me anything. Everything online abt the virus is contradicting. Im so disgusted with myself, i feel a lone. Im a mother of 3 and believe i got this from the last man i had dated for 6 years. He had cold sores often. Yet here i am suffering with this. Its uncomfortable, painful, it hasnt gone away accept for two or 3 good days and i feel like ill be a lone now forever. If anyone has any reliable advice id be incredibly grateful.

You aren’t alone! I just had my first breakout last week and tested positive. This is hard at first but it does get better!! Stay positive things will be okay!

You sound EXACTLY like me 1 week ago. My GHSV1 outbreak went on for 3 weeks. And although I don't feel 100%, I'm walking normal (this was a big thing for me), there's nothing visible, and I'm writing to you on my first "good day" -- never thought it would come but it did. So please don't feel alone.

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Talk to your doctor about prescribing you Valtrex if the outbreak does not get any better.

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Thank you everyone. I took the valtrex, it did nothing and he said it might not as by the time i was diagnosed it appeared as though i was nearing the end. I just cant believe this is happening to me.