Hi I want to commend everyone for sharing their brave storie

Hi I want to commend everyone for sharing their brave stories. I wish no diseases existed. I am a woman and I do not have hpv. I joined this group because I feel there isn't a lot of honesty out there about hpv, whether you can test a guy for it, how to protect yourself properly from contracting it, etc. I feel they just keep pushing a vaccine which I've heard some bad things about, instead of creating a test for men or explaining ways to protect yourself accurately. I've heard that condoms do not protect against it fully, since they don't cover every area. I thought of having guys wear a condom and boxers to protect myself from it. I've had people laugh and joke with me about that, but no guy has said no to that when I brought it up and explained why. I was just wondering is there a test for men yet? Am I right about having a guy wear boxers and a condom? What are the best ways a woman can prevent getting it from a man?

The only way to protect yourself completely is to not have sex, which is kind of crazy, also, if you are young enough, to get the vaccine and have sex with those who have had the vaccine.

@CKBlossom ty for your reply.

I hear mixed things about the vaccine such as it causing infertility, so I'm never getting it. I think boxers and a condom would work if you latex off any other exposed area.

@Hopingtomeetpeoplelikeme there is no physiological way for the HPV vaccine to cause infertility. Please stop reading Google posts written by lunatics.