Hi. I'm 23 (female). My 22 year old boyfriend just got told

Hi. I'm 23 (female). My 22 year old boyfriend just got told he has ED. We knew it was a problem but until about December we just brushed it off as nervousness or related to alcohol consumption (we lived long distance and most of the time we saw each other we were going out to bars). He can't get an erection unless he stimulates himself for 5-10 minutes. Nothing i do helps. If after he is hard we don't immediately start having sex it goes away. I feel like it's my fault. I feel unwanted. I get in the mood and don't even try bc when I do and he starts doing that to get hard I completely lose the desire to and get depressed. I know it's hard on him and makes him feel like **** and maybe I'm being selfish but I don't know how to handle it. This has never been a problem for me in the past. But now I feel depressed all the time and would rather just not try to have sex than go through that. His dr prescribed Viagra but we can't afford it. Not that I think planning to have sex is any better. I just don't know what to do

That is very young, no health issues impacting this?

No he is otherwise perfectly healthy. Having testosterone test done tomorrow but it's been an issue his whole life. We are trying to find a specialist that can take him sooner rather than later.

He probably just has performance anxiety. I used to have this really bad in my early twenties. When I was with my girlfriend at the time I would always worry about performance and my **** would go limp. After that happened enough times I would worry so much that I couldn't get it up at all. Sex became really stressful after that. If your boyfriend is able to have morning erections and even masturbate then this is a sign that it is all in his head. He seems to young to have this problem.

He doesn't get morning wood and has the same problem when masturbating

@Kwigg013 Sounds familiar. I am getting older now and am softening up more and more. Do you know if this happened to him gradually over a long period of time?

A lot of young men experience this from porn addiction sometimes. So check in on that.