Hi, I'm a bisexual woman in my early twenties. I want to com

Hi, I'm a bisexual woman in my early twenties. I want to come out and be accepted, I'm tired of lying. But my family is very homophobic and I know they will react by pushing me away. They won't entirely exclude me, but I will be held at arms length for the rest of my life. It's utterly heartbreaking. They would seriously rather I died than tell them I'm homosexual, I know because my mother has told me this before.

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This is just me, but I don't buy into the notion that a lie of omission is still a lie. You are not required to tell anybody anything. But if you do, have realistic expectations ahead of time so you will not be so crushed. Garner support from friends.

@Ellie1190 Thank you. But I feel that I am lying because I act as though I agree with them… though lately I’ve not been saying anything on the subject. But it really hurts when they bash homosexuals in front of me… I just want to say “I am one of them!!!” but, I don’t… it makes me feel like I’m a coward.

If u don't have to tell them now,dont...
I would tell u to tell them about your sexuality when u have your home, or anything u needed. Cause if your in their home they will want to disrespect u, scorn u maybe (just saying ),won't want u to trouble anything for them, they might not even wanna give u any thing.
So when u have everything u need and u feel like u wanna tell them, go ahead, then, u won't Care how they feel about your choice.
It's not u who choose your sexuality hun, it's god, he made u right? He knows wat ur life would be like, don't care wat others say bout u, let the lord care, cause he still answers to your prayers. And yes, the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, but guess wat, ever sin is the same. None is bigger.
And god still loves u.
I love u.
Just be u cause when your not the real u, u won't be happy.
Let they think watever they wanna, don't care, stop letting it bother u about wat ppl will think cause YOU GOTTA BE HAPPY AND IF U FIND YOURSELF NOT HAPPY CONSTANTLY ULL THINK ABOUT DYING SOMETIMES. JUST BE U

@shortbosstia :slight_smile: Thank you for your kind words. It really helps.