Hi, I'm a Pre-T male, and struggle greatly with dysphoria

I'm a Pre-T male, and struggle greatly with dysphoria. This of course, results in worsening and heightening my depression and anxiety.. I try to push past it most days, but lately it is getting out of hand. A lot of my friends don't understand either because I look the part, and sound the part (I have a deep voice already). Is there anything that helped anyone get through this? T isn't an option for me right now, due to some personal issues resulting around it, and also just me not being ready to take the big step.. I'm nervous about it, but I want to figure out my mental health as much as possible before I do so.. But my dysphoria is truly holding me back.

Welcome to humanity...dysphoria rules most of us. I am glad you want to learn more about yourself before making any other decisions about who you are. Try to relax and know that you have the rest of your life to decide these things. Anxiety greatly intensifies depression at times. Relax...live...let life show you the way.

It's important to me to get to know exactly who I am, while I am still young (20). I don't want to make any big decisions while my head is cloudy, even though I do know T will be the end result, I want that clear head so I am able to process it all.

I'm trying, relaxing is something I struggle with always, but each day, I try a bit harder..
Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me.

I am thankful to help. You seem to have a simple trust in yourself...that is all you need.

Not completely, it's a work in progress.. But hopefully getting there completely soon!

Once again, I truly appreciate the response, as you helped me realize I need to work more on the relaxing part.. Thank you,
Definitely feel free to reach out at any point if you need someone to talk to!

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See if you have a PFLAG group near you or at least close enough where you could go once in awhile. I think the more you can surround yourself with people that can relate more will help you in different ways. You could also reach out to your local colleges to see if they have any lgbt groups because if they do you could look up an email for them and ask if anyone there would exchange contact info with you because you have been experiencing a lot of depression and need more support. I mean the fact is there aren't going to be a lot of people going through the same things as you so you have to work hard at finding them. I mean sure, there are plenty of people that deal with depression and anxiety but not your other struggles. I think you have a lot going for you since you are wanting to take your time with things and learn all you can, that will give you an edge for sure. While many things can be or are complex, we can learn to ways to simplify things for our own sanity. Try to distract yourself more by doing things you enjoy. Put your thinking cap on and start a list of things to do, I'll name off some too.
1. Watch funny movies and shows
2. Call and text with friends/family
3. Invite a friend to come over
4. Do stretches and some kind of exercising everyday.
5. Journal everyday even if it's just a little bit.
6. Cooking/baking
7. Thrift store shopping or any shopping is fun.
8. Cleaning house
9. Rearrange furniture for a new look and feel
10. Any kind of crafts or sewing
11. Pets are nice to have too.

@NS100 Colleges around here don’t accept anyone into programs if they’re not enrolled. I never went to college, couldn’t afford it. My friend, she goes to the one I’ve been looking into, shes in a co-ed LGBT fraterinity, that truly I think could help me. But, time will tell on that one.

I definitely truly like the list, especially rearranging… thats my #1 stress thing, but I always switch it back at the end of the day haha. My biggest thing that helped was driving, but my car was totaled and I don’t have the funds to get a new one so I’m stuck at home most of the time. But I’m copying your list into my word doc (my journal), and gonna keep adding to it…

Thank you!