Hi! I'm a T1, heading into 38 years dealing with it. Every

Hi! I'm a T1, heading into 38 years dealing with it. Every time I look for support it's mainly T2 or people who just came down with T1. Would love to chat with someone. I'm also willing to support or talk to anyone who needs someone to talk too. It can be a lonely, frustrating life.

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I hope you joined the Diabetes support group. I am not diabetic but can chat with you whenever you need.

Thank you. Do you have family members that are diabetic?

I am a T! for 16 yrs. We can deff. talk

Thanks. Just feel so alone out here…

Should nt feel aloe, we are all here to support each other. I am 46 and since about two years diagnosed with type 1. My intake of food, drinks and activities all depend on my bllod glucose levels, i have to shoot insulin 4 times a day and measure before almost everthing i do, eat or drink. But everything is under control, a lot of dealing, ,but manageable. In a while you will get used to being a daibetic and you can pick up where you left off.

I’m going into 38 years of having this crud…I’ve been picked on as a kid, stared at by groups of people when I needed help…so much more. It’s very lonely…

Sorry for misreading your post, 38 years is a long time. I don't think I will make it that far, however I feel quite understood in my surroundings, even flight attendants feed me coke when i look pale heading of on vacation.. Maybe Western Europe is friendlier to disabled people?

Well I’m 46 too, was 9 when I was diagnosed . Back then we used pork insulin…not much was known about it to the degree they have now. Which is a blessing for newer T1s. I’m on the insulin pump, I’m considered a brittle diabetic, if that term is even used anymore. Nowadays people are more understanding but because of my childhood experiences, I keep to myself . …I don’t tell a lot of people that I’m a diabetic…you sound like you’re on top of things with diabetes. That’s awesome! Plus you’re old enough to understand the good and bad. if you keep doing what you’re doing and stay on top of things, you’ll be around for a long time!