Hi, I'm here hoping that having others who can relate will h

Hi, I'm here hoping that having others who can relate will help me. I'm now in my mid-thirties and have had disordered eating since I was 11. Right now my bingeing is the worst it's ever been. It's multiple times a day. My psychiatrist recommended PHP treatment but I lasted one day. (I'm unemployed and my insurance won't cover the large price tag.) What are ways the rest of you use to cope with your BED?

I use an app on my phone to log in my meals each day and my weight. I find the structure of it to be comforting, and I can reduce the concept of eating to simple math: calories in, calories out. One of the things I have found with BED is that eating is glorified; it becomes a way to cope or a way to escape. If I try to view it simply as fueling my body, that helps me get past that initial, overwhelming feeling of wanting to binge. As far as other things I do, I try to keep myself busy and away from food as much as possible. During the week, it's easy to be busy with school and such, but sometimes on the weekends it can be hard. If you are unemployed, the allure of food can be especially hard. I would recommend trying to busy yourself for large periods of time. I know you can do this :)