Hi, I'm looking for insight because I may be being completel

Hi, I'm looking for insight because I may be being completely impulsive here. I'm not sure where to ask, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try here.

I'm considering just packing up and leaving my parents' place for good. I've been trying to hang on and just keep my focus on finding work and doing work to save money, but last week and this week have really worn down all of my post-depression gusto (I *was* feeling better and ready to try again earlier). I'm running out of energy to keep going through this cycle and I've considered just checking myself out of existence at this point.

I've already started sorting things and packing secretly. I have a loose plan and a vague idea of where I want to go. My problem is I only have $5,000 at this point. My savings have been whittled down by medical and dental costs and that's what I have left for now.

I'm not even sure its possible to leave and fix my life safely with what I have and in fact, this could be my path to homelessness or something else horrendous that I won't survive. My hope is that without my family to remind me that I'm only thought of as something to be used, I can focus on taking care of myself and working and saving.

I'm scared, but staying here is breaking me down. I'm not sure where to turn, but my family isn't it. I've asked for and gotten no help or support, but I'm expected to act fine and clean up after them and care for them while my teeth and mental health are currently in awful shape and still deteriorating b/c of their past abuse and neglect. I just can't do this anymore, but I'm not sure what I can do either.

Is there another way for me to work this out or something I can do to preserve my sanity/will to keep going?

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What about taking breaks of some kind. Don't officially move out but find a place to go a few days at a time. Maybe you could secretly find someone renting a room out that would be cheaper than a hotel room, a camp ground would be real cheap just buy a little tent and something to sleep on like a cot or air mattress. You could relax by a camp fire and enjoy being out getting fresh air. Most camp grounds have showers, restrooms and some have pools. They have electricity at the camp sites. Some have little cabins you can rent. Now that would feel like real freedom for you. You would have everything you need just get food and a cooler. I think you could stay put if you are able to come up with doable plans for you to leave there on the weekends or whatever days would be best for you.

@Fohb460 Another thought would be to find a part time job something very selective that you could deal with a few days a week. You would be out of the house away from them while you are working and making money.