Hi I'm new first I would like to say my heart and soul goes

Hi I'm new on the colorectal support group first I would like to say my heart and soul goes out to each everyone of you. My mom just found out she has colon cancer stage 4 on Wednesday. I have never experienced this much hurt and pain in my life. I cry every hour. It feels like I won't survive this. It feels like I am drowning. I can't function and I can't be a mother to my kids right now. I am trying to stay strong for my mom but it feels impossible. I don't know your pain but I know the pain of having someone so close to your heart with this diagnosis. She had a biopsy on Wednesday the results are not back yet but several doctors say they are sure & it spread to her liver. I love my mom so much I can't handle this. God where are you, oh Jesus, Jesus help us

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Big hugs, lifehurts2018. I’m do sorry for all of you. It’s a really hard thing to go thru having an illness like cancer. Modern medicine is pretty amazing… I’m sure they will give you their best care for her and when they know more what yo expect, they will let you all know.
How old are your kids? Does your mom live alone or with anyone? Do you have siblings or husband or extended family? Does your mom have a church she attends or do you? You all need support and we st SG are here for you and are a small part of it. Does her oncologist know of a support group? Can you call American Csncer Society? ACS has lots of resources and groups that can help all of you
Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself. You have a lot on your shoulders so take little pieces of stress at a time. You are doing your best so don’t beat yourself up

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@NCMom thank you for your support and kind words. My kids 16, 14, & 7. My mom lives with her sister & my little brother. She only has myself & my little who is 19. Yes I do have aunts and cousin. I have a church home but haven’t really been there. My mom doesn’t have a church home. We haven’t seen the oncologist yet because this is all so new. The earliest appointment I could get her was at the ending of this month. We’re all just lost right now. I came on her to get some kind of relief so I can be good for my mom. Thank you for your advice.