Hi, I'm new here. A few months ago during a normal exam my d

Hi, I'm new here. A few months ago during a normal exam my doctor noticed a little bump (i hadnt even noticed it and it didnt hurt) She tested me and I have HSV1. My fiance and I kind of put 2 and 2 together and realized that his cold sore ended up down there on me. Didn't think much of it, were getting married, were committed, whatever. I even did some research and found out alot of people have HSV1 and most don't ever have outbreaks on their genitals. about 3 weeks ago I had an unrelated surgery "down there" and I went to the doctor (not my normal gyno, but the OB surgeon) on monday because it was so swollen and painful and i thought maybe the surgical site got infected. Well, it turns out im having my first outbreak. I was so embarrassed and she gave me 2000mg/day Valtrex and some Lidocaine ointment for the pain. This is literally the worst pain i have ever experienced. Any tips on how to relieve it? Also, my fiance, though trying to be loving and supportive, seems to be disgusted with me. He says hes not, but I can tell he is. I feel disgusting and ashamed. This is horrible. And on another note, In health class in middle school and high school, they show pictures of this disease and tell you about it, but I was never told it could be transferred from mouth to genitals and also I think they need to tell kids how horrible this pain is. Because honestly i thought you just got some little bumps and thats it...

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:( understand..thats what ive got hsv1...in both places now..it transfered somehow even though I was trying to be really careful

Its depressing.

That's what happened to me too. For pain, the doc gave me acyclovir ointment and pills along with the lidocaine to numb the pain. I'm nearing the end of my outbreak (I hope) and the lidocaine has honestly helped. When I went pee it hurt so much that I would cry but I started pouring warm water down there while I peed which definitely helped with the pain. I've also been taking ibuprofen anytime the pain is getting worse. I'm so sorry you're going through this- it hurts and takes a toll- both physically and emotionally. We're here for you.

I am so freaking glad I found this site! How long did your outbreak last after you started with the meds? And YES, the peeing is terrible. I've been peeing in the shower. I have to hold it all day long at work because I can't bear the pain.

I don't know what strand you guys got but I don't experience pain when I pee

When urine touches the lesions it burns worse than anything you can imagine.

That's how I got it too and my doc gave me a numbing cream that helped a lot

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