Hi I'm new here and I'm 25 I'm just looking for people my a

Hi I'm new here and I'm 25 I'm just looking for people my age who are going through what I'm going through and I can talk to

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Not sure how active this group is but there are so many other groups to find support in. xo

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@Jennipain thank you I’m just trying find some help with that because I have no one around my age who has cerebral palsy and understand what I’m going through I’m thinking about finding and actually group of people to talk to but your right there others I can just talk to to vent

Well don't give up someone might reach out from here just not a very active group on the site.

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@Jennipain I see thank very much I appreciate it and I won’t give up

Sweetheart22 . . . I'm a bit older than you (42) and have only a minor case of Cerebral Palsy. But I carry with that all of the insecurities, frustrations, and self doubts that come with feeling as though every body sees me as "lesser than". lol I just joined this page less than an hour ago to seek support for being in a relationship with an addict. At 39 he was the first man that seemed to not care about my physical flaws . . . so is literally my FIRST real relationship. We moved in together 2 years ago. I've struggled so much because I fear my disability makes me weak, susceptible to deception and being taken advantage of. lol and here I am in a relationship with an addict. Go figure.

Sorry . . . I just made it all about me didn't I !!

Please, feel free to reach out to me. I'm a bit of a mess right now. But 5 years ago, let me tell you, nothing was holding me back. I was in the best shape of my life and had discovered that I could travel on my own and had some amazing trips/met amazing people.

I need to find her again !!

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It's okay thank you reaching out to me and I don't even wanna get in a relationship because I'm scared of not being good enough for my partner I was In a relationship when I was younger and I felt so insecure because we never went out he would come see me and what not his family knew about me but I never met them in person and we were together for a whole year and throughout the whole year I felt like I wasn't good enough because I felt like he wasn't proud to be with me but he says he was and after the year we broke up I didn't talk to him for another whole year and then I let him back in my life in for another few years I dealt with him with no relationship and that was so painful for me but I stayed just not be alone and international too of that I'm living with my mother she very overprotective and she really doesn't let me date not unless she likes the person if she doesn't like them I can't date them so things are very difficult for me at this point in my life and I'm very unhappy but nobody cares

I am so sorry that you are so unhappy ! I Understand everything you are saying . . . everything. Before my current partner I had only fallen for and had "friend with benefit" type relationships. Exactly as you say - they would come to me but we never went out in public. No dates etc.

My biggest fear in my 20's/early 30's was that someone would focus in on me specifically because I was disabled . . . they would believe I would put up with crap and lousy treatment and pay all the bills (I've been lucky professionally in that I'm good with numbers and have been at home bookkeeper 10 years making healthy income). That was literally my BIGGEST fear. Probably why I subconsciously went for men who would be more FWB than boyfriend because I wouldn't get "fooled".

In mid 30's I went on my first trip. Then a few more. I had a total newfound independence, even renting cars in big cities and going to concerts alone. I went on a cruise with strangers and made lifetime friends. Everything was going so well then I fell in love . . . hard.

He was always ok going to family stuff etc so it felt different. But he never wanted to go to the fun stuff I love. I slowly became a shell of myself waiting around for him. Then discovering he was an addict, I feel so trapped. He's been trying since Jan to quit but keeps failing. He is so angry and harsh when withdrawing. My self esteem has crept lower than ever before. I'm exhausted.

I don't know what kind of advice to give you. We all need love . . . but honestly I'm quite certain that when (it's no longer an "if") I finally end my relationship I'll never let a man into my life again.

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May I ask - do you work? Are you able to get out of the house on your own?

I've always been lucky in that I can walk. I used to trip alot as a kid until they rotated my leg. I discovered the gym in my late 20's and that was a huge physical benefit. I never got crazy over it but I basically used the treadmill (a steady walk, I can't run) and I'm not kidding - "practice makes perfect". lol ok, not PERFECT, but I showed an enormous improvement in my gait - people even commented that they thought I may have had some surgery. With that, my confidence soared.

Then I was able to travel . . .

I think I saw you say on a lower post that you are able to walk if someone is holding your hand but nervous of falling ?? I can't encourage you enough, if possible, to try treadmill. For me, it is a steady pace, a safe surface, and you have handlebars. I started at 5 min per day and eventually could do 60.

Best thing I ever did for myself, hands down.

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@IslandGirl1974 I don’t get out much not in less I’m with my mom I’m always at home I do my own little workouts at home I did this treatment to fix my knees a few years where I did cast both of them but not at the same time and it helped a little bit but not much my problem is my hips but my mom doesn’t want me to get the surgery for that and no I don’t work either and if you need someone to vent to you can vent to me I’m always here to listen and thank you for listing I really appreciate it so much

@Onegirl hmmm okay thank you very much

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