Hi im new here i have this problem i dont know what to do i

Hi im new here i have this problem i dont know what to do i try more than once to take it of me but i cant i like porn and sex i have it all time one time i stay woth out it for 3 weeks but when i loss my silf i do it alot than im think i have very nice gf i wish that i can stop this madness but i dont know how plz help me

Stay strong! Work hard at recovery everyday. Post on forums like these and encourage others. Read useful books on sexual addiction and watch informative videos on youtube everyday about this topic. The key part is to do recovery work everyday (try to do 15-30 minutes everyday). We are what we experience so make positive recovery content part of your everyday diet of experience!

Hey Hasany, I have got a similar problem. For me it was porn. Every day I looked at porn, many times every day. I could sit down in front of the computer, saying to myself that I would sit an hour at max and I always ended up siting longer, sometimes all night. I tried every kind of mind set to control how long I would sit and what I would watch, since I really couldn't control that either. So finally I tried to stop once and for all, and made the discovery that I couldn't. Every day I made an honest decision not to watch porn, but I always ended up watching again. So I had lost the power to choice whether I would watch porn or not. So I'm powerless over this behavior. Today I have a solution for this and I am free from porn today, to which I am very grateful. If you are like me with porn and sex you are welcome to send me a message, here or on my email [email protected]