Hi Im new here not really sure what to expect but hoping I c

Hi Im new here not really sure what to expect but hoping I can get some nie advice/support. 27 y/o female lost in this hard world of naive and uneducated people who make me feel less then because of my HIV+ status. So hard to live with please help

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Hi there! People are so naive about disease and illness! So glad you are here, how are you feeling?

@CKBlossom Honestly i so many different mixed emotions all bottled up within myself and im just trying to remain calm and POSITIVE, but the angry, sadness, lostness, is wearing on me. I wish people would be more open to learning and understanding. There are people out here like myself who didnt do anything wrong didnt even ask to be put on this world but was put on it with this condition that we didnt ask for. It just sucks knowing theres nothing i can really do to take it away. I just wish but its not realistic so theres only learning to live and try to be happy but its hard being looked at as if i dont belong or less then because of my parents mistakes :frowning: but i truly do appreciate you checking in in on me it made me feel alittle better

@LivingLifeDayByDay, Please dont give up! I am an HIV man who found an HIV woman on this site.....I married her and we are deeply in love and grateful for the gift of our love/life.....she is my JOY!

The stigma is very real . Alone for years now . Cest la vie ! Good luck !

@Skot very real. Thanks you for the luck tho, and good luck to you as well

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