Hi! I'm new, i just suffered a TIA due to migraines I get, a

Hi! I'm new, i just suffered a TIA due to migraines I get, almost a week ago. I'm feeling very frustrated, anxious, weak and im having a ton of panic attacks thinking it's going to happen again. I thought maybe joining something like this, would help calm me down if somebody else is going through it too. Thanks :)

Have you ever tried coconut oil?

No! How would i use it?

I must admit, I have never had a TIA, but I do have migraines and similar symptoms to how TIA is described due to my epilepsy. Though I cannot tell you if it is what you need, one thing you might want to look into, considering the similarity in cause/effect, is that they often say that when a seizure is coming on it is good to let out long, slow exhales followed by small inhales. It makes the blood flow to the brain stronger to supply extra oxygen. This has helped me multiple times with my condition. You might want to do some research to see if this could make a difference in fighting yours. I hope that helps.

Thanks! I have found out that the type of migraines I suffer from (as of now, also keeps changing) mimics strokes, and The numbness and weakness is the migraine in my body, not my head. I supposedly didnt have a TIA but, I have an appointment with a new neurologist on the 15th of next month for a second opinion. I will work on my breathing, I think it'll help with me not freaking out when i go numb so it doesnt get worse. Thank you

Glad to hear that. I'll be praying.

@JEK81 thank you!!

@surfgirl i am so sorry for all you are going through!

My second tia was waking up from a nap with double vision. They claim they fixed the hole in my heart, but 6 month later I still get dizzy and my eyes get blurry. It is scary of not feeling right.

@cullum I think that is the worst part of all of it. I’ve gotten a lot better, but, the unknown of if and when it’ll happen again is very scary to me and I cant get over it.