Hi, i'm new. New to all of it. I'm a big scared bundle of br

Hi, i'm new. New to all of it. I'm a big scared bundle of breakdown right now, but for the first time, I feel as though i'm connected to someone and i'm not alone. so thank you all!

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Welcome to this Group, know need to feel alone anymore, there are lots of us. Soon you will not be so afraid and then you will be able to offer others some support. Glad you are here

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Yeah, this is an awesome site. And many of the people are so wise and so loving! Thanks everyone!

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I'm new too. It's nice to be with a group of people who KNOW how hard mentally and emotionally it is to be in tough spot. When I hear others are in my same spot, I don't know, it just somehow makes me feel a little less scared. Between living expenses and debt, I need 3K a month just to stay afloat. Unemployment benefits get me halfway there and then I've taken in a roommate - so that's $400 closer... but still, been using up mutual funds to fill the gap. Now, with just a tiny bit left in my mutual funds and unemployment benefits ENDING January 24, 2016 ---- so that's ZERO coming in ---- I realize I have to file for bankruptcy. I guess I just kept thinking, THIS IS IT -- I'm gonna get THIS job and then I'll work my way back, even though being out of work TWICE this past year has cost me dearly and it would take a great job to recoup my losses or --- I never catch up the lost ground, financially. But I'm starting to feel like I am NEVER getting another job - EVER. I was laid off in January -- following a merger, my job was moved to company headquarters in another city. I got another decent job, almost the same pay, within 2 months so I was pretty happy about that although it was not a real happy office to work in, but they hired me as a "Legal Assistant" and then after 4.5 months terminated me when they decided to hire a Paralegal instead. So now I've been fired (let go, laid off, WHATEVER! It's a black eye no matter how you look at it) TWICE in just 8 months and the fact that I'm 57 and unattractive ---- I think they'd rather hire a convicted child molester than me. I'm so ashamed of having to file for bankruptcy.

Wow! What a painful set of job experiences! So sorry! Easy for me to say, since I'm not the one filing for bankruptcy, but I hope you can find a way out of the "shame." I support you in not feeling shame. You didn't do anything wrong. You've worked hard, you've applied for jobs. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Good for you to get the knowledge and skills to handle legal work. The stress can pull you down. Try to relax and see if the sun will shine.

It is difficult to stay balanced Read a book by Linehan which helped me alot. The writter has BLT.

@goldenrule BPD

Balance is not me ugh! I am a light switch on or off! How can I get balance in my life at my age believe it's impossible

This a grest site for support and information. Many people talk about their selves and it gives us insight.

What is BLT? I googled it and couldn't find anything.

Maybe the writer had Bacon, Lettuce & Tomatoes?